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Liquor License Information

The Pennsylvania Liquor License Exchange is a company, which offers statewide services for the promotion of the purchase or sale of liquor licenses in Pennsylvania. The Pennsylvania Liquor License Exchange is where qualified Buyers meet serious Sellers.

For Sellers of Liquor Licenses

This company offers an advantage when it comes to the sales of your liquor licenses. The company promotes the availability of your liquor licenses statewide by a variety of means. In addition to this web site, we will routinely publicize the availability of licenses Commonwealth-wide, through industry publications, contact with local tavern associations and contact with industry members, which may be seeking to locate in your community.

Our company screens prospective buyers up front for any possible approval problems. In Pennsylvania, no liquor license may be sold unless the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board approves of the buyer and the location where the license is desired to be placed. We will separate the serious buyers from the window shoppers.

If your license is being held by the PLCB in safekeeping, we will monitor and assist you with maintenance of you liquor license through renewals and license validations. Although the licensee remains responsible for executing the forms and payment of the fees, we will make sure that you do not lose a valuable asset through unfamiliarity with regulations or inattention to detail.

For Buyers of Liquor Licenses

For Buyers, we will offer you the advantage of screening all listed licenses for potential transfer approval problems. There are certain situations where problems with the Seller's liquor license can delay or prevent approval of the transfer of the license.

If the Seller's license has any liquor citations pending against it, revocation of the license might be a possibility and delay in the approval of a transfer can be a problem. Additionally, because the Seller must obtain tax clearance from the Pennsylvania Department of Revenue and the Pennsylvania Department of Labor & Industry, it is important to know the current tax clearance status of any license you wish to purchase. In the event the Seller has a large back tax obligation to the State, this could delay or prevent approval of the transfer of the license to your business.

Finally, if the Pennsylvania Liquor License Exchange does not have licenses listed in a municipality you wish to locate, we can search Board records and other sources concerning licenses, which are and / or may be available. We will act as a Buyer's agent with respect to licenses, which may be listed with other companies.

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