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The Pennsylvania Liquor License Exchange
"Where qualified buyers meet serious sellers"

The Pennsylvania Liquor License Exchange offers statewide services promoting the purchase or sale of liquor licenses in Pennsylvania. The Pennsylvania Liquor License Exchange was founded by Patrick M. McHugh, an attorney with a long history of representing members in the alcoholic beverage industry. The Pennsylvania Liquor License Exchange is where qualified buyers meet serious sellers.

The Pennsylvania Liquor License Exchange Advantage

This company offers an advantage when it comes to the sales of liquor licenses. In Pennsylvania, no liquor license may be sold unless the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board approves of the buyer and the location where the license is desired to be placed. For this reason, our company screens prospective buyers up front for any possible approval problems. We will separate the serious buyers from the window shoppers.

Liquor License Maintenance

If you list with us, our company will monitor and assist all licensees with maintenance of your liquor license renewals and license validations. Although the licensee remains responsible for executing the forms and payment of the fees, we will make sure that you do not lose a valuable asset through unfamiliarity with regulations or inattention to detail.

Liquor Licenses Available for Purchase in Pennsylvania

This site contains a listing of liquor licenses immediately available for purchase through the Pennsylvania Liquor License Exchange. Click on the menu near the top or bottom of these pages to view our listings, to learn the basics of obtaining a liquor license and learn about the law office of Patrick M. McHugh.

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